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Contract Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Duration: 1 Day 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Continuing Education Hours: 8

Workshop Description:

The workshop will cover project management techniques as they apply to the effective monitoring of contract performance. The focus of the 8-hour course will be risk assessments as part of the pre- and post-award phases, in addition to the different levels of monitoring available to oversee vendor performance. Case studies and exercises are incorporated into the course to create a learner-centered environment and support participant retention of the materials.

Who Should Attend:
  • Public and private sector purchasers/buyers/contract administrators who work within the competitive contracting environment and have responsibilities for the management, integrity and delivery of goods and services.
Course/Workshop topics:
  • Survey the contracting environment
  • Introduce Contract Lifecycle Management as best practice that supports risk management and monitoring processes
  • Identify risks (factors, categories) in contracting
  • Describe the options available for conducting risk assessment in the pre-award phase
  • Recognize metrics used in monitoring contractor performance
  • Apply monitoring methods and processes during the post-award phase
Benefits of Attendance participants will:
  • Understand the need for conducting risk assessments in the competitive contracting environment.
  • Learn about contracting best practices and a process for the consistent management of the contract life cycle.
  • Identify risk assessment steps and the metrics available for monitoring vendor performance.